Garbage Day

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This may be too much information for some people – this post is all about colonics.  Feel free to stop reading now if you wish… or read on to learn why taking out the trash is important to your overall health.

I started colonics in the Fall of last year after my Naturopath suggested I go for three sessions.  While I was half way through my very first session, my Hydrotherapist suggested I do six initial sessions to give my colon a good cleaning.  I’m going to be honest, number 2 was always an area I struggled with – it was normal for me to go days without pinching a loaf.  In fact, my very first CT scan following chemo stated “excessive stool loading” – in layman’s terms, I was full of shit!  So, I wasn’t surprised that I needed more sessions than what was originally scheduled.

So how does a colonic work?  Let me start off by saying, I don’t find it to be painful or uncomfortable at all.  You wear a pair of disposable shorts that have a hole cut out in the bum, so you are somewhat decent .  You then lie on your left side and the Hydrotherapist gently inserts the apparatus into the poop chute.  It is about an inch in diameter and is inserted about 2 -3 inches in.  I know we have all laid a brick bigger than that!  It has one tube through which filtered, purified water flows through and fills the colon, and a larger tube through which the poop comes through.  You then roll onto your back and your waste begins to flow through this tube and into a machine where the Hydrotherapist can get a good look at what has been lurking in your colon.   After about 15 minutes of this, a concoction of coffee, chlorophyl, wheatgrass, aloe vera and other natural detoxing ingredients enters and I am to let that sit for as long as possible to allow my body to absorb all the wonderful healing properties of the concoction.  When I can’t hold it any longer (you have such an incredible urge to go to the bathroom), my Hydrotherapist flips a switch and all starts to flow out again.

My sessions range from 30 minutes to an hour.  After my session on the table is done, there is still more to come out, so you go and sit on the toilet. It is here that I can quickly catch up on all the latest Hollywood gossip – where I go has great reading material.  Once I’m all done, there is a lovely lemon water with pro-biotic waiting for me to ensure all the good bacteria levels in my digestive system are where they are suppose to be.

So why do I do this?

  • Colonics remove encrusted fecal matter, gas & mucus. With a clean colon, vital nutrients along with any medications you are taking can be better absorbed.
  • Did you know the food you eat should really leave your system in 18 – 24 hours from when you ate it, but in the UK (and I’m sure this number is the same if not worse in North America) it takes 60 – 70 hours!!  Talk about a digestive traffic jam – food should not idle for this long in your colon.  Colonics can help you re-tone your colon to help get food moving through better.
  • The colon doesn’t need much help IF you eat a high-fibre diet rich in fruits and vegetables, avoid meat, processed foods and sugar, drink your eight glasses of water a day in get lots of vigorous exercise – but the reality is, most of us eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) and sit in a cubicle for 8 hours a day.  Life in 2015 makes it difficult to achieve all of the above, so I believe our colons need a little bit of help.

Of course with everything, there are some risks or side effects with doing a colonic – but these can be significantly reduced or even eliminated if you do your research first and go to a clinic that is certified and clean!  I love my Hydrotherapist – she is kind, gentle and most importantly, really knows what she is doing.

Colonics aren’t for everyone, I get the idea of them is a little intimidating, but if you have been playing with the idea of getting one, I say give it a try!  You will feel great after.

One last thing I should mention.  Ever since I was diagnosed, I hadn’t slept right through the night – I was like a new born baby again, waking up every few hours.  But the night that I had my very first colonic, I had the best night sleep and now continue to get a proper nights sleep without waking up. Is it a coincidence? Who knows, but my Hydrotherapist told me I would have a great sleep that night – she sure wasn’t shitting me!


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