1 Year Cancerversary

A year ago today, I was told I had breast cancer.  I remember during one of my initial meetings with a doctor I asked if I would be here a year from now.  He told me yes and he was right!

Just as an FYI, moving forward, I’m going to start posting all my updates on this blog, however you can access past posting of my treatment journey on my CaringBridge page.

So, one year down, only 65 more to go!!!  That’s right, cancer, I plan to surpass the average lifespan by 18 years and live to the ripe old age of 99!  So, cancer, you can either learn to live with me, or if you are not aligned with my plans, feel free to pack your bags and leave.



8 responses to “1 Year Cancerversary

  1. I absolutely LOVE your hashtag darling and know you will celebrate many more Cancerversaries…!! Bill and I send you and Mike our love – – keep up the good fight!!

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  2. Resilience is your middle name. You are such an inspiration to everyone. A year of devastation, hope, strength, triumph, inspiration and love. Definitely the wrong bitch. Enjoy celebrating this weekend.

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