The Luck of the Irish?

It is 7:30, my son is in bed (singing Let It Go at the top of his lungs however) and I am exhausted!  No, I didn’t work today, I wasn’t up super early, nor did I run a marathon.  However, at 10:45 this morning I was scheduled to see my oncologist, Dr. Higgins (who I love by the way).  This was my regular check up with him, which I have every three months.  I wasn’t getting any scan results, however, during these check up he does do a breast exam to see how the tumour in my left breast is doing, which in a way gives him an indication of how I am responding overall to my current treatment (tamoxifen).  As a reminder, my last scan which was in December was good, however, while this appointment was only three months later, when you are living with metastatic breast cancer every appointment ignites levels of anxiety I cannot explain.  When you have metastatic breast cancer one of your biggest fears is going to an appointment and hearing your current treatment is no longer working.  I am lucky in that the type of breast cancer I have is ER/PR+ which means there are a few treatment options down the road should tamoxifen ever stop working, however, I don’t want to use up all my arsenal too quickly.

So, what where the results today?

Dr. Higgins said the tumour in my breast was small – definitely not bigger, which means tamoxifen is still working!  To say this is good news is an understatement!

I truly believe my combo approach of conventional treatment, alternative therapies and lifestyle modifications are all contributing to my wellbeing.

But… did I mention that Dr. Higgins is Irish, Audrey (my nurse) is Irish, my Nana and Pop were both born in Ireland, so I have some Irish blood in me – it is quite possible I had the luck of the Irish behind me today. I also feel it was good karma that I greased Dr. Higgins and Audrey each with a 4-pack of Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale 😉 I tried to get them Guinness, but that was sold out.

may your troubles be less, and your blessings be more

and nothing but happiness comes through your door

 – Irish blessing

Plan moving forward? Keep doing what I have been doing – take my meds and live as healthy a lifestyle as possible! We will be adding one more thing to my cancer battle plan. Mike made a deal with the big guy upstairs before we met with Dr. Higgins – he promised to start going to church if I got good news today, so for the first time ever (outside of weddings, funerals and Taylor’s baptism), Mike and I are going to start attending a place of worship!

Again, I say this all the time, but I truly mean it – this is not a battle I could face alone and I thank each and every person who sends me love, support, prayers and encouragement! Keep sending your good vibes my way, they are always welcomed and so appreciated!

I raise my glass of green juice to you all!  Cheers!


20 responses to “The Luck of the Irish?

  1. First of all, I love you Michelle!
    Secondly, I’m sooooo grateful that you had a good news today!
    Thirdly, I would love to have you, Mike, and Taylor come to The Meeting House as my guest one Sunday. It’s a church for people who aren’t into religion, and they have a fabulous kid’s program! I think you will find peace and comfort wherever our Creator is.
    Lastly, I love you Michelle!


  2. Oh Darlin’ MIchelle…. you make me cry… happy happy tears….. You leave such wonderful thought provoking feelings with each shared moment…. Thank you for all that you give to us all.. xoxoxo FOREVER GREEN….my little clover. xoxoxo


  3. I was thinking about you all day yesterday Michelle. What great news to come back from Mexico to. Hallelujah 😉
    We love you guys!!!


  4. Yay….I always think the 1/16 of Irish I have in my background (yes, I know I’m grasping at straws) is a very good thing. Let us know if it’s St. Dominic’s by the way. If yes, you will see us. Tell Mike he can sit with me, another non-Catholic who is often “encouraged” to attend by other family members. I’ll teach him all the rules. 🙂 xox


  5. My daily battle Michelle is my grief which pales in comparison to your battle however your words your fight and your ability to just be so amazing make me proud and make me strong…to know you and call you my friend is an honour. You are wonderful. Xo Flemmy!


    • Thank you so much Liana – every battle is different and can’t be compared – my thoughts are always with you and your family . Looking forward to seeing you soon! Xo


  6. Awesome news!! Love ya SISTA!! Yeah Tamoxifen! I am 7 years proof that it does its business on ER+ PR + tumours. Suck it cancer 😄


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