In sickness and in health…

Seven years ago today is said ‘I do’ to my best friend and partner for life.  It was a perfect day – for one, the weather was much better.  We did get some rain, but it was sunny most of the day and warm.  We were surrounded by those who love and support us – our family and friends.  We had a great dance party at the reception that stayed strong until the lights came on.  But best of all, I was now Mrs. Riccio – married to a man who was funny (yet inappropriate at times), smart, kind, hard working (but can’t seem to pick up his clothes or close a cupboard) but most importantly, loved me.

Seven years later not much has changed except that I see everyday how I am married to one of the most amazing guys out there.

When I said our vows and got to the “in sickness and in health” part, I didn’t think we would be testing this out so quickly in our lives together.  I expected the “in sickness” part to come much later in life and at 35 years old thought we would just be enjoying the “in health” part.   Maybe I should have payed more attention to the the crack of thunder that shook the church during our vows – maybe it was someway of telling us “just when you think all is going well, get ready to have your world rocked.”

I’m sure this wasn’t Mike’s life plan – get married, have a kid, have your wife get diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.  But unfortunately all of the above have been checked off.  It has been over a year since my diagnoses and I truly believe the reason I am doing well is because I have such a strong support system around me and Mike is the CEO.

To many many many more years together – I love you Mike!



10 responses to “In sickness and in health…

  1. 7 years…time sure does fly. I still remember tripping on the stairs like yesterday…:D Happy happy anniversary guys!!! Love you both tons!


  2. Happy Anniversary to you both – this is true love!! Wishing you many many many wonderful years together!
    Love Dora xxxooo


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