Round 2 of Zoladex

I often refer to my relationship with my naturopath and oncologist as like I am dating two men – the only thing is that they know about each other.  They have such different beliefs and approaches to treating my cancer, yet I truly believe that incorporating both column A and column B into my treatment approach will lead to the best outcome.

Well today, I had a date with both of these men.  My first appointment was with my naturopath.  This was the first time I was seeing him since I received the news that my breast cancer had metastasized to my liver.  When I told him my update he was a little shocked to hear the news because he believes I am doing everything right at this point.  That being said, he tweaked some of the stuff I’m doing with him and then asked me to read up on high dose vitamin C as well as mistletoe injections.  Both of which I have read about during my time at Google University, but now I need to look into this even more so now that it is being recommended as a treatment option for me.  If anyone has any thoughts on either of these treatments, let me know.

Next I headed over to Credit Valley Hospital for blood work, my Xgeva injection, my second Zoladex injection and a check-up with Dr. Higgins.  Blood work was good, Xgeva was easy, but I felt the Zoladex harpoon this time (and yes, that is the giant gauze required from the giant needle).


As a reminder Zoladex is the drug to shut down my ovaries, which unfortunately are still functioning even after the first injection and therefore I can’t begin my new hormonal treatment until next month.  As per usual, Dr. Higgins was not concerned and told me he hasn’t know anyone that Zoladex didn’t work for, so hopefully after this round my two little ovaries will go dark.

I did ask Dr. Higgins about the high dose vitamin C and mistletoe injections to see what he thought of either.  He basically said high dose vitamin C is a waste of time and to not do it, but wasn’t bothered with me doing the mistletoe injections.  This is when it becomes tricky – there are so many conflicting thoughts on how to treat cancer and is why you have to be your own advocate and try to be as informed as possible to make the decisions that you feel best about.

Well, I should get to bed and get as much rest as possible.  After last month’s Zoladex injection I was not exactly the most pleasant person to be around, so I don’t want to add tired and grumpy on top of the crazy hormonal roller coaster ride I will be on for the next few days.  I think moving forward, when I get my Zoladex injections I should just book a few days on my own at St Ann’s Spa – it’s what’s best for all those around me 🙂

Oh – one last thing.  I got a note from Taylor’s school today saying that he is moving up to the Kinder Room next Friday!  My little boy is no longer going to be a pre-schooler!!!  #yesIcried


10 responses to “Round 2 of Zoladex

  1. So important to be your own advocate! Love that you put this out there to remind us…. For me, it makes me think about my mother-in-law (I know, I know) who somehow manages to be her own advocate through stubborness but for whom I also must be an advocate (due to language barriers etc.) So it’s like being your own advocate and helping others who aren’t so good at speaking up advocate for themselves.

    Giant f*cking needle man!!! Holy crap.


    • Exactly! And everyone has an opinion on what is the right thing to do, so it is important to do your homework vs just buy into something. Yes – very big needle!!!


  2. Hi Michelle,

    I am so inspired by your spirit and believe that attitude is at least 50% of what makes all the pharmaceuticals work!

    Stay strong and keep fighting….and Ste. Anne’s is not a bad idea either!😄
    Jo Anne


    • Thank you Jo Anne – completely agree that attitude is a huge component in all this. It is the support I get from people like you that keeps me positive and encourages me to keep at it – so, thank you!


  3. You rock that patch girlfriend! You make me smile. The oncolgist fills us up with chemicals and the naturopath flushes them out 😄. Looking forward to seeing you. Awesome news about Taylor! Hugs T


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