Kindergarten Already?

I’m a little emotional today…

Because Taylor is at a daycare centre with a kindergarten program, this week he began transitioning to the kinder room and today is his first official day as a kindergartener!

For those of you who are parents, you understand how exciting and emotional these milestones can be.  For me, I use to just assume I would witness these milestones.  Unfortunately, that is no longer the case – each milestone comes with the same emotions mentioned above, but I also feel like they have now become bucket list items or even goals.  I can check it off that I saw my son start kindergarten and I move onto my next goal of seeing him begin grade one.

I remember during his first few weeks at the daycare when he was just one year old, I would walk by the older rooms and think “will Taylor ever be ready for the toddler room, the pre-school room, the kinder room?”  I would see all the things these older children were capable of (putting on their own shoes, feeding themselves, playing with friends, colouring, talking, counting) and just couldn’t believe that one day, my little boy who was just learning how to walk would be doing all these big boy things.

But as I dropped him off at his new class room today (obviously with tears in my eyes) it was no longer him I had to worry about.  While he can make me so mad at times, that boy makes me the proudest Mommy everyday (okay, most days LOL) and I now see there is no limit to what he is capable of.  I now worry about me – what am I capable of?  How long will I be able to fight this battle and in that time, how many more milestones will I be blessed to witness?

While I continue to do everything in my power that I believe will help me in this life long battle, I have to keep hoping the amazing scientist and researchers are capable of finding a cure – I want to check off ‘danced with my son at his wedding.’



14 responses to “Kindergarten Already?

  1. He is adorable and looks excited to be in kindergarten! What joy our children bring! I am a met sister(met you in Philly) and enjoy reading your blog. Look forward to seeing you in Boston and continuing to pray for a cure.

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    • So great to hear from you, Kathy! My son gives me so much joy and purpose – keeps me strong! I hope you are doing well. I will have to see about Boston bc i will be away a bit around that time, but I’ll keep you posted.


  2. Michelle, you are his inspiration as much as he is yours!! No child could ask for more supportive and caring parents. Don’t forget after dancing at his wedding, you will be welcoming grandchildren. xx

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  3. Could be my pregnancy hormones, how touching your posts truly are, or just simply the extreme admiration I have for you…. but I’m just in tears now. Can’t imagine how proud you felt when seeing Taylor walk through those doors today. He is the luckiest boy to have such an incredible mamma! xoxo

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  4. Michelle, if having a positive outlook and attitude plays any role in our general well being, you will check off every item on your bucket list. I love reading your posts and you are always in my thoughts. Keep shining girl and keep posting adorable photos of that boy of yours. I look forward to seeing more of your posts about Taylor’s amazing milestones and yours too! Kathy.


    • Thank you so much, Kathy!!! A positive can’t hurt!!! Speaking of milestones – I can’t believe how grown up your girls are – you must be a proud mama!!! Hope all is well with you and maybe we can set up a dinner with you, Lee, Mike and I!


  5. One milestone at a time darling. Before we know it, we’ll be dancing at our grandkids’ weddings! Tomorrow is a mystery for us all… Live big, love big, and enjoy today. Hugs to you!


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