Back to School; Potentially Back to the Drawing Board

I have been on letrozole for about a month now and really starting the feel some side effects – achy bones and joints, particularly in my hips, thighs and knees.  I essentially feel like what I imagine a typical 80 year-old woman feels like.

So, today I had a scheduled appointment with Dr. Higgins and was hoping to discuss my bone/joint pain.  I did the typical blood work, plus got my Xgeva and Zoladex injections.  Unfortunately, my blood work didn’t come back as planned….

My blood work is showing slightly elevated levels of my liver enzymes, which is not what you want your results to show.  It could be a number of things, but Dr. Higgins, I believe, was preparing me to except that letrozole didn’t work and I will be switching medications again – this time to an oral chemo which apparently is not even close to what IV chemo is like (i.e. won’t lose my hair, low chance of being nauseous, etc).

To confirm if the elevated levels of my liver enzymes are a result of the metastasis in my liver, or just something else, I am having a CT scan tomorrow morning and will get my results on Thursday.

Anyone reading this tonight or tomorrow, please send those positive vibes!!!!

On a much happier note, Dr. Higgins is not concerned, even if I have to make a switch (man, that guy is so calming).  I told him I felt like I was running out of options quickly and he said that I’m not even close to that.  However, I would just like one treatment to work for a very very very long time – is that too much to ask?  Unfortunately, this is the nature of this disease – it can be trial and error before you find one that works tremendously (my boss will like that I used the word tremendous :))

And on an even happier note – I hope all of you with kiddies and/or for any of you who are teachers, I hope today was successful and indicates it will be a fantastic 2015/2016 school year!


12 responses to “Back to School; Potentially Back to the Drawing Board

  1. Hi Michelle; thank you for your post my friend.
    I’m Sending you positive vibes, thoughts and prayers. Thanking God for Dr Higgins and his calming ways, and for the fact that there are still so many options to go! I will send prayers for your pain, lots of energy and peace. Mostly I will pray that every word spoken to you is positive, uplifting and heal you. You will be healed my friend. We need angels on earth also. You are one, an angel on earth. A mentor to so many. Especially me.
    I thank God for our friendship, you are my mentor You make life better. Michelle, you will be here for a long time. Make plans. We need you. All of us, more then you realize. Enjoy your life and thank you for letting us be apart of this wonderful journey. It will be special. Enjoy each day, like you do. Xoxo


  2. Michelle – sending you tons of positive vibes for tomorrow and Thursday! i am hoping that will find that one tremendous drug very , very soon (((hugs)))


  3. Michelle my little fighter I am sending you positive thoughts love and hugs. You’ve got such an incredible attitude which humbles me everyday. You inspire me with your strength and endless energy even though you might not always feel it. I pray everyday to keep you healthy and strong. ❤️ Tracy


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