Update: Part 2 of 2 (some good news!)

This morning I met with my nurse, Audrey, to go through my new treatment plan.  I will be starting on Xeloda (an oral chemo) next Sunday.  I will be on the pills for two weeks and then will get a week off then start the pills up again, so it is a 3-week cycle.  This is apparently very well tolerated, with the most common side effect being very dry, red, cracked, blistering hands and feet – sounds lovely, I know!

I picked up all my meds today while I was at the hospital, and just loved when the pharmacist said to me “we keep these pills in a blister pack, because it is very dangerous for us to handle them.”  But I guess I’m not suppose to worry about ingesting them… #keepoutofreachofchildren

When I met with Audrey this morning, the full report of my CT scan wasn’t in.  But I did get a call from her this afternoon and she did have some good news.  My bone mets are stable, and my lungs are clear!  Yay – good news!  #itisallrelative

So that’s it for now!  Thanks again for all your support – you have no idea the energy it gives me!!!


16 responses to “Update: Part 2 of 2 (some good news!)

  1. Great news to hear. The chemo cracks me up. I remember the nurses coming in to my chemo suite in hazmat suit saying they can’t risk getting it on there skin but will be injecting it into my veins 😀. Have a fantastic trip. See you when you get back xo


  2. ….we’re here for you! We think of you often and are always your cheering squad. Enjoy your vacation. A little sunshine, family and laughter is always so good for the soul! Hugs!


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