Incase you haven’t noticed all the pink everywhere, it’s the beginning of breast cancer awareness month.

First let me begin by saying I don’t really have any issues with all the pink and breast cancer awareness – I think it has done great things in the areas of early detection and treatment for those diagnosed with stage 1 – 3 breast cancer.  However, I now know first hand that there is still a lot to be done, especially in the area of metastatic breast cancer (MBC).

I know that not a lot of funding goes into research around MBC, and that not many people even know about this stage of breast cancer.

Because I am by no means a scientist, researcher or doctor, and therefore cannot really do much in the area of discovering a cure, I do have this blog and I’m on Instagram and Facebook, so will use this to try and educate people about this stage of this disease through the month of October – a fact a day.  I got this idea from a friend I met at one of the breast cancer conferences I went to.

Day 1:  What is Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC)? MBC, also know as stage iv breast cancer is breast cancer that has spread outside of the breast to another part of the body such as bones, liver, lung and/or brain.

There are also some incredible voices out there who are doing some great things in the area of MBC. I encourage you to look some of them up:

Additionally, I LOVE what Rethink Breast Cancer is doing – not only is this organization dedicated to young women with breast cancer, they do A LOT in the area of MBC.  Check them out if you or someone you know is looking for resources to support young women living with this disease.

Lastly, yesterday Stand Up To Cancer Canada announced their first dream team since it was launched last year.  Happy to hear it is a Breast Cancer Dream Team with a focus on aggressive forms of breast cancer!  Click here to read more about what this dream team plans to do.

I hope you join me throughout the month of October to learn more.  If you can share what you learn with one other person, hopefully we will see a day when being diagnosed with MBC goes from being terminal to chronic to curable.  

Brief update about me:

I am just about finished my first cycle of Xeloda (day 12/14) and so far I have tolerated it quite well.  My feet are quite tingly, but both my hands and feet are not dry, cracked, peeling or blistering.  I do feel a little tired sometimes, so take a nap and then I’m ready to go.  I will see Dr. Higgins on October 9th and will hopefully (through blood work) have a sense of how Xeloda is working.


8 responses to “Pinktober

  1. Wow great insights and info. Sending you love sister. Getting out that credit card to donate to the dream team. We need more funding to get those trials moving. I’ve learned so much from you and am privileged to know you. Glad to hear you are tolerating the Xeloda as well as you are. Xoxo


  2. Hello Michelle , you don’t know me but I know Emily. I work at her old orthodontist office ( and my son dated her years ago). Anyway through Emily I found your blog . You are a true inspiration! I want to let you know that our ortho office , during the month of October , will donate a toonie for every patient that puts pink elastics on their braces! The guys love it! We raise alot of money and the kids have fun. Anyway I will make sure that the money goes to MBC research, with you in mind. Continue to educate, continue to fight. It is a battle you will WIN!!


    • Mary Ann – this is soooo awesome! I absolutely love this idea! Stand Up To Cancer Canada and Rethink Breast Cancer are doing great things in this space. Thank you so much – this means a lot to me! Xo


  3. Hey Michelle, so glad to hear your are tolerating your new meds. Think about you always and love how you educate us. I have another friend who is going through breast cancer as well and she has one more round of chemo left! You are amazing and awesome and I am routing for both of you! Love Dora xxxooo


  4. Michelle, it’s incredible to find you here. Ellie, Lucas, Matthias and I are all thinking of you and wishing you the absolute best.


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