Liver 1, hands 0

I had blood work done today which I get done just before I’m about to start my next round of chemo.  This blood work provides an indication of how my treatment is working, specifically on my liver mets.  While it is not an actual scan, I still get scanxiety.  I get so anxious about what my blood work will show – higher liver enzymes could indicate that there is further progression in my liver.  

But not today, my dear friends!  My liver enzymes were a little lower which in theory means Xeloda is working!  But unfortunately during this round my hands really took a beating.  Even with this being my off week, my hands are still very sore, red, dry and cracking.  I equate it to having hundreds of papercuts all over my hands.  Because of this, Dr. Higgins is keeping me off for one more week to allow my hands to get better.  Plus he is going to reduce my schedule to only 10 days on vs 14.

Overall I’m pleased that it looks like Xeloda is working, just sucks that my hands got this bad. Hoping they heal over the next week and the next round takes it easy on my hands.


6 responses to “Liver 1, hands 0

  1. Congrats on an uplifting test result Michelle! I’m not sure if this would help or not, and I’m sure you have healing creams and salves, but I use a cream called “Impruv” when my hands and face get chapped in the winter. It’s supposed to help your skin repair itself. Nothing works like it. I get it through a friend at GSK or at Shoppers. Let me know if you want some and I’ll hook you up! :). Good luck on your next round!!


  2. Well Michelle our patients came through and we raised $500.00 for our Pink Elastic fundraiser. 250 kids have pink elastics on their braces for Breast Cancer! We have donated the funds to Rethink Breast Cancer!
    Good luck with your next tests results.
    Mary Ann Moran


  3. Hey Michelle, very good news with the meds. Think about you always and love reading your updates – saw your video and it was very moving. Sending good vibes your way and a big big hug!
    Love Dora xxxxoooo


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