Xeloda and I are not a match :(

On Monday, I had my first CT scan since starting Xeloda.  I had completed three rounds of Xeloda, so now it was time to see if it is working.  Side effects were okay, except for during my second round where my feet and hands were an absolute disaster.  But side effects aside, I was hoping this would be the treatment for me.  Unfortunately, it is not 😦

While I have my appointment with Dr. Higgins this coming Monday, I could not wait that long for the results, so I called.  Dr. Higgins call me back last night explaining that more spots have appeared on my liver, some have grown, and one did shrink.  My bones seem to be stable, but we really need to find something to get my liver under control.

So it looks like I will begin a new chemo treatment next week.  It’s called taxol and I will be getting it through IV once a week for three weeks and then one week off, then repeat for three rounds where I will get another scan.  Apparently this weekly schedule minimizes side effects but has the same efficacy as getting a higher dose every two weeks.  Dr. Higgins said side effects should be manageable but my hair will thin.  I’m not sure if I will lose it all again, but I think I will have to say good bye to my fun, out of control curls.

Am I upset?  Absolutely!  It has been a tough stretch while we continue to look for the treatment that will work for me.  My last three scans have shown some sort of disease progression and I’m ready for a drug to do what it is suppose to do resulting in a good scan.

While I’m upset right now, I remain hopeful that the drug for me is out there.  Here’s praying it is taxol!

I continue to feel so blessed to have so much positivity and prayers being sent my way.  I couldn’t do this alone!  xo


22 responses to “Xeloda and I are not a match :(

  1. Michelle sending you big hugs and love. Anything you need I am here for you sister. You will probably be more tired on the taxol therapy. Make sure to take it easy and if you ever need us to do anything for you to save your energy WE ARE HERE. Love you xoxo. T


  2. Michelle, stumbled across your blog after following your posts on Instagram. You are truly inspirational. Keep that special light shining bright. Just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and sending love and support to you, Mike, Taylor and your loved ones.


  3. Michelle,

    Stumbled across your blog after following your Instagram posts. You are truly inspirational! Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you – sending love to you and your family. Keep that light shining bright!

    Warm wishes, C


  4. Michelle thinking about you and sending you all posititve energy I can. Not sure what we can offer other than support, positive thoughts and help whereever you need it. Dont hesitate!!!!

    Thinking about you all the time.


  5. Hey Michelle, so sorry to hear about this. I am sending you big hugs, and know we are here to support you!
    Love Dora xxxxoooo


  6. Stay strong Chiquita. We think and pray for you, your health and your family to help give you that inner strength all the time. We love you and admire your courage. Never give up! ❤️ 😘


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