2nd Cancerversary

I can’t believe it has been two years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer (only to find out a week later it was stage 4/metastatic).  I have to admit, this second year has been tougher than the first year.  During this second year I experienced progression three times, but as I described in my last post, I am finally on a treatment that is working right now and I pray it does so for a long time.

While today is the anniversary of when I received my initial diagnoses, I was looking back in a journal I keep where I write things down about Taylor.  On October 14, 2013 (so just over 4 months before I was diagnosed) I wrote about extreme back pain I was having and being unable to pick Taylor up.  I’m guessing that back pain was a result of my bone metastasis and so therefore am technically beyond the two year mark!

The stats aren’t promising for metastatic breast cancer, but I believe in medicine and the exciting things that are happening in the area of oncology, I believe in keeping myself healthy (even though I have indulged in a lot of Pizza Hut lately) and most importantly, I believe in being surrounded by love and support, which I am so blessed to have so much of.  Without all of these, I would not be here today and it is because of all of these things I will be here for many many MANY more years!!!!  So a big giant THANK YOU… I really can’t say it enough xoxo

Update on my scan results

A couple of days ago I wrote saying that taxol is working in my liver, but there is mild progression in my bones.  Well, I had my appointment with my oncologist yesterday and it turns out my bones are actually healing as well!!!!  Basically my scan indicated there is more sclerosis (hardening of the bone) which may appear to be cancer growth or progression around my bones, but understand the biology of the disease, my oncologist explained to me that the sclerosis is filling in the holes where the cancer had eaten away at my bones.  So more good news for me yesterday!!!!


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